1/4 Pork Bundle

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Enjoy our Naturally Raised Non-GMO fed pork.  Our 1/4th Pork Bundle is a  bulk package that brings convenience to bulk ordering!  It fits in your freezer, requires 2-3 cubic feet of freezer space, you receive what is detailed below, you do not need to coordinate between the farmer and processor, and you don't pay for processing. 

The benefits of this package include

  • 1/2 the commitment of a bulk order.
  • Trimmed down package; you will not be required to pay for the less desired cuts you would receive in a bulk order.
  • 36 lbs. of Pork will fit in 2-3 cubic feet of freezer space.

You will receive

  1.  1 Package of Baby Back Ribs approximately 2lbs.
  2.  1 Package of Spare Ribs approximately 1.5lbs.
  3.  1 Packages of Bacon approximately 5lbs.
  4.  2 Packages of Boston Butt Roast approximately 10lbs.
  5.  5 Packages of Chops approximately 5lbs.
  6.  5 Packages of Bulk Sausage approximately 5lbs.
  7.  5 Packages of Sausage Patties and Links approximately 5lbs.
  8.  1 Package of Pork Tenderloin approximately 2lbs.