Pasture Raised Statement

What is Pasture Raised?

Let's talk about what we mean by "Pasture Raised" here at Lafountain's All Natural Beef. Our main dislike with conventional beef production is the feedlots. I'm sure you agree that seeing cattle out on pasture or having access to plenty of pasture from a barn is a much more desireable sight than viewing cattle living on top of each other in facilities where they have less than 50 square foot per head living in or on top of their own manure. We strive to provide our animals with as natural an environment as possible and are pleased to report that since we made the decision to always allow the cattle access to pasture in the Spring of 2020 we have not treated a single animal with antibiotics. We love this and what it means for you is you can expect to be exposed to no or almost no potential meat toxicity from antibiotic exposure in your meat. We also practice pasture raised with our eggs and broiler production. Our broilers are moved to fresh pasture every day and our free range laying hens are allowed to forage and explore to their hearts desire on thriving green pasture year round. We love our pasture raised system and sure you will as well!