Naturally Raised Statement

What is Naturally Raised?

Naturally Raised is is meat that is raised without the use of growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.  There are many synthetic medications and growth promotants used in conventional meat production that are designed to alter the cattle’s natural functions with the sole purpose of putting meat on the body as fast as possible.  The hormores focus on releasing extra estrogen and testosterone in the animal which accelerates the way the animals put on muscle.  There are several antibiotics that are often added into the diets of animals raised in confinement which alter how they process feed and protect against health threats which they are at a greater risk for due to their high density environments.  At Lafountain’s Pasture Raised Meats we do not use these practices.  We vaccinate our animals and only treat them in the case of sickness.  We believe this is the best way to raise animals and provide healthy meat for our consumers.  We focus on animal health and welfare through the environment we provide, mainly through always allowing them access to pasture.