Why Buy a Meat Bundle

Have you thought about buying a quarter beef but didn’t have the freezer space or were concerned with ordering the right cuts?  Then, ordering a meat bundle is right for you.  When you order a meat bundle from a local farmer you receive a smaller package of meat with the exact cuts that you will receive detailed.  Convenience can be found with many bundles as well as the amazonation of the world has led many farmers to offer home delivery.  Meat bundles allow you to enjoy the quality of meat you get from the farm with the convenience of amazon.

What about quality?  I’ve spoken with many people at farmers’ markets and they all tell me that meat from the farm is fresher and tastes amazing.  When you can’t commit to order a quarter of an animal or more a meat bundle is an exceptional way to enjoy meat from the farm.  In addition to the 10-day hanging time for aged beef and sustainable farming practices that go into these awesome products we offer 1” thick cut steaks to enhance flavor, juiciness, and cookability.  Meat from the farm has many designer elements to it that you cannot find on the grocery store shelf.  The holidays aren’t the only time to enjoy specialty meat.  Rewarding yourself with exceptional meat is a great way to bring the family together and entertain your friends and loved ones.

What about convenience?  With a meat subscription you’re always prepared for dinner.  Regular meat deliveries keep your freezer stocked and all you’re required to do is pull what you want out for dinner ahead of time.  You’ll look forward to meal planning with the exceptional cuts to cuisine.  Help make home life a little easier with your freezer stocked with high quality meats ready for your enjoyment.


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